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North Dakota Family Law Lawyers

North Dakota Business Law, Mineral Rights, and Criminal Defense Lawyers

We represent clients
throughout central
North Dakota,
including Minot,
Bismarck, Beulah,
Mandan,and Dickinson.

When you've been involved in the history and lives of people and their communities for as long as our firm has, you not only have a reputation to uphold but a tradition to maintain. Our law firm's predecessors proudly contributed to helping the people and communities of North Dakota forge business enterprises, undertake real estate and land development, and protect a quality of life we're still dedicated to defending today.

Treating clients as if they were our own family, Donovan & Kaffar believes client service comes first. Meeting one-on-one with clients, getting to know them, and rising to the individual challenges of each case ensures the very same qualities that led to our success since we opened our doors in 1917 are still honored today.

Put our experience, dedication, and knowledge to work for you. Contact North Dakota business law attorneys at the law office of Donovan & Kaffar, PLLP today. Dependable and flexible, we adapt our resources to your needs. Call today and schedule a consultation - weekend and evening hours are available by appointment.

Providing Legal Advice You Can Count On

The criminal defense attorneys and business lawyers at Donovan amp; Kaffar, PLLP represent clients in the following areas of law:

Criminal Defense

Donovan & Kaffar primarily defends people charged with traffic violations, DUI, theft, drug possession, and property crimes. As skilled litigators, we aggressively defend our clients' rights and are prepared to work with investigators and forensic experts to challenge and undermine the prosecution's case.

Experienced and knowledgeable of the court system, our criminal defense attorneys are also skilled negotiators who know how to work with the courts to reduce charges and minimize sentences and fines when possible. If you're facing charges for drug possession, violent crimes, theft, traffic violations, a DUI, or another crime, it's essential that you protect your rights and take steps now to avoid complicating matters in the future.

Business and Commercial Law

Forming a business requires knowledge of a number of issues. Reviewing contract terms and conditions, complying with zoning and land use regulations as well as identifying means for avoiding exposure to certain kinds of taxes and liability can mean the difference between success and failure.

At Donovan & Kaffar, our commercial law attorneys partner with businesses in order to protect their financial strength and long term interests. Whether it's drafting contracts, conducting 1031 exchanges, reviewing real estate transactions, or forming limited liability partnerships, our attorneys bring the experience and knowledge necessary to make the law work to your advantage.

Oil, Gas, and Wind Energy

Our attorneys represent the interests of North Dakota landowners in negotiations with oil, gas, and wind energy companies. We have successfully drafted and reviewed land leases and land and mineral rights agreements, as well as negotiated for our clients' rights, with companies such as Marathon Oil, Basin Electric, and Minnesota Power & Light. For more information, please see our Oil, Gas, and Wind Energy page.

Personal Injury

A work related injury or car wreck often means expensive medical bills and lost wages. The personal injury attorneys of Donovan & Kaffar have the investigative resources necessary to hold negligent people and third party employers liable for injuries sustained by our clients. Meticulous and relentless, we expose facts, uncover evidence, and are prepared to stand toe to toe with insurance companies and their doctors. We'll help you recover financially from injuries caused by the negligent actions of others through strong, unwavering negotiations or relentless litigation.

Arbitration Services

Exploring alternatives to costly, time-consuming litigation is often in the best interests of those involved in a legal dispute. At Donovan & Kaffar our attorneys have years of experience helping clients identify common ground.

Building a consensus around financial issues that are important to all, we develop mutually agreeable terms and conditions. Whether it's crop insurance claims or business disputes, we have the experience and knowledge necessary to bring opposing sides together, saving everyone time and money.

Questions? Contact Donovan amp; Kaffar, PLLP Today

For over 90 years, the law office of Donovan & Kaffar has helped the people and communities of North Dakota build a future everyone has a stake in. We're prepared to continue that tradition, offering affordable, reliable legal guidance for all your business, personal injury, land and mineral rights, and criminal defense needs.

For more information regarding our practice, contact North Dakota lawyers at the law office of Donovan & Kaffar today.

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